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The Bolshoi PREP program is paused for Summer 2023. Dancers are encouraged to apply for BBASI CT or BBASI NY.
5 femal dancers on stage with in fist arabesque en pointe.

Bolshoi PREP in New York City

Program Dates 
For 2023 dancers are encouraged to apply for BBASI CT or BBASY NY. At this time PREP remains paused.

6-week session, In-person

Culminates in an Observation Day


3-week sessions, In-person

Culminates in an Observation Day

Admission is by audition only. 

**Last week will have afternoon class time dedicated to rehearsals.

The Bolshoi PREP summer intensive in NYC  is designed to provide expert training for serious ballet students (ages 9-15) through unique instruction by leading teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Bolshoi PREP is a rigorous ballet training program, conducted in Russian language with the assistance of English-speaking interpreters, designed to achieve individual progress through a focus on the clarity of technique, increased strength, and greater musicality.

Bolshoi PREP is well suited for younger dancers desiring the unmatched training opportunity with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy teachers during the summer in NYC.


Learn more about how the BBASI CT and Bolshoi PREP Programs compare.


Bolshoi PREP is offered primarily as a day program. (*Limited housing options are available to students who are supervised full-time by a guardian). 

At the conclusion of the Program, all participants will receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s teachers. Dancers exhibiting exceptional talent may be recommended for year-round study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.

Female dancers at the barre stretching their legs in a la seconde.


Curriculum PREP

Bolshoi PREP is open to female and male students ages 9-15 years. Participants must have prior ballet training to be considered for the program.  Training is conducted through individual participation, observation, interactive participation with other participants, and hands-on corrections and demonstrations by Academy’s Teachers. Ballet classes are conducted in groups and organized by participants’ age and skill levels, as demonstrated during the audition process. Participants' level placement may be adjusted during the first few days at the exclusive discretion of the Program. Dancers applying to this program are expected to be mature, focused on achieving individual progress in ballet, and willing to work hard to obtain it within the context of a collaborative and supportive environment. 

At the conclusion of the Program, all participants receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s Teachers. An Observation Day will be held at the end of each session. 

Bolshoi Ballet Academy teache Andrei Alferov correcting the placement of a male dancer's shoulders at the barre.
Intermediate Level

Classical Technique  -  Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique  -  Organized Warm-up*​   

(View sample schedule)

Beginner Level

Classical Technique  -  Pointe/Pre-Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique - Organized Warm-up*​ (View sample schedule)


Extracurricular Activities:
The following optional extracurricular activities are offered after the regular daily ballet class schedule: 
  • Russian language classes twice a week at no additional cost. 

  • Injury prevention workshop at no additional cost.

  • Private classes for an additional cost and subject to availability.

Female dancers in the studio at the barre in arabesque.

*Organized Warm-up is conducted by Program staff and not by the Academy’s teachers. 


No classes are conducted on the weekends. When July 4th falls on a weekday, the regular class schedule applies.

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