5 femal dancers on stage with in fist arabesque en pointe.

Bolshoi PREP in New York City

Congratulations to all on the end of a wonderful in-person BBASI '21 Summer !

From all over the country, and even some distant parts of the world, we all came together as one community to train hard and learn from each other.  Thank you to our Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teachers, Program Directors, Staff, Chaperons, Medical Team, and Facility Partners - we recognize the unprecedented commitment & hard work that went into making this summer a reality.  Dancers, we miss you already !

2021  Program Dates*
June 28 - August 6, 2021

6-week session 

Culminates in an Observation Day

June 28 – July 16, 2021

3-week session

Culminates in an Observation Day

July 19– August 6, 2021

3-week session

Culminates in an Observation Day

*All program elements, including but not limited to housing & studio capacities, end of session events, extra-curricular activities, etc., are being evaluated and planned within the context of the most current guidance of relevant health authorities. Reasonable program modifications, as well as augmented health-related protocols, should be expected.

Admission is by audition only.

Thank you!

The Bolshoi PREP summer intensive in NYC  is designed to provide expert training for serious ballet students (ages 9-15) through unique instruction by leading teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Bolshoi PREP is a rigorous ballet training program, conducted in Russian language with the assistance of English-speaking interpreters, designed to achieve individual progress through a focus on the clarity of technique, increased strength, and greater musicality.


Bolshoi PREP is well suited for younger dancers desiring the unmatched training opportunity with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy teachers while living in NYC for the summer.


Learn more about how the BBASI CT and Bolshoi PREP Programs compare.


Bolshoi PREP is offered primarily as a day program. (*Limited housing options are available to students who are supervised full-time by a guardian). 

Female dancers at the barre stretching their legs in a la seconde.

At the conclusion of the Program, all participants will receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s teachers. Dancers exhibiting exceptional talent may be recommended for year-round study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.

For questions please contact:

Jade Direnfeld - Coordinating Director, Bolshoi PREP & NSLI-Y


212 687 6118 x 201 (Through January 2021 email is the recommended form of communication.  All emails will be addressed within 1-2 business days.)



Bolshoi PREP is open to female and male students ages 9-15 years. Participants must have prior ballet training to be considered for the program.  Training is conducted through individual participation, observation, interactive participation with other participants, and hands-on corrections and demonstrations by Academy’s Teachers. Ballet classes are conducted in groups and organized by participants’ age and skill levels, as demonstrated during the audition process. Participants' level placement may be adjusted during the first few days at the exclusive discretion of the Program. Dancers applying to this program are expected to be mature, focused on achieving individual progress in ballet, and willing to work hard to obtain it within the context of a collaborative and supportive environment. 

At the conclusion of the Program, all participants receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s Teachers. An Observation Day will be held at the end of each session. 

Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher Yevgeniya Kazeeva correcting the placement of a female dancer's foot in tendu devant at the barre
Bolshoi Ballet Academy teache Andrei Alferov correcting the placement of a male dancer's shoulders at the barre.
Intermediate Level

Classical Technique  -  Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique  -  Organized Warm-up*​   

(View sample schedule)

Beginner Level

Classical Technique  -  Pointe/Pre-Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique - Organized Warm-up*​ (View sample schedule)


Extracurricular Activities:
The following optional extracurricular activities are offered after the regular daily ballet class schedule: 
  • Russian language classes twice a week at no additional cost. 

  • Injury prevention workshop at no additional cost.

  • Private classes for an additional cost and subject to availability.

Female dancers in the studio at the barre in arabesque.

*Organized Warm-up is conducted by Program staff and not by the Academy’s teachers.  Participants are welcome to follow their own warm-up routine if done in a non-disruptive manner.


No classes are conducted on the weekends. (SUMMER 2021: Schedule may be adjusted to include weekend classes.)  When July 4th falls on a weekday, the regular class schedule applies.

Location: Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC

For information on how our facility partners are presently supporting their students and staff please visit their pages: MMC | YU


Bolshoi PREP participants will have the opportunity to study ballet in the one and only New York City! Bolshoi PREP studios are located in Manhattan’s beautiful Upper East Side. 



Hunter College:  Lexington Avenue Between 68th and 69th Streets

Marymount Manhattan College:  221 East 71st Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

*As RAF does not own or operate the Program's facilities, locations may change as a result of circumstances beyond RAF’s control. The Program cannot ensure an allergen-free environment at any of these facilities.


Housing is available for PREP participants residing with full-time guardian supervision. (All housing is subject to availability and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.)  Participants must reside with and be supervised by a parent/guardian at ALL times. The Program reserves the right to adjust/modify housing assignments in accordance with availability. Specific housing assignments between MMC and YU will be made by the Program no later than May 15th.  Meal plans are not provided. Transportation costs are also not included.  Questions should be directed to Bolshoi PREP Staff – please DO NOT contact the residences directly.

A modern suite-style college residence with 2 bedrooms suites (SUMMER 2021:  One family assigned per suite), a bathroom (one per suite), a kitchen, and a common dining area. Rooms are furnished with twin beds, dressers, desks, and wardrobes. The kitchen/living area has a table and chairs, a full-size refrigerator, an electric stove, and a microwave. Bedding, kitchen, and bathroom supplies are NOT provided. Amenities include common lounges and a laundry room. The building has a 24-hour security checkpoint with ID card swipe entry. The residence is within a few blocks of shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, and subway stations. 


A modern studio apartment-style college residence, with 2-3 beds, a private bathroom, a kitchenette area with a small micro-fridge unit. One family will be assigned to each studio. Bedding, kitchen, and bathroom supplies are NOT provided. Amenities include common lounges and a laundry room. The building has a 24-hour security checkpoint with ID card swipe entry. The residence is within a few blocks of shopping, restaurants, supermarkets, and subway stations.


All Participants attending the Bolshoi PREP program are expected to be mature, focused, and to behave responsibly at all times.

  • Staff is available for group supervision of participants during Program hours.

  • Participants are not permitted to leave the premises of the venue during Program hours.

Suggested Links for Navigating NYC

While New York City is one of the most exciting cities in the world, working knowledge of city life will assist out-of-town families to manage their
time in this great city.  In preparation, and in addition to your own resources, a review of the following useful tips and suggestions is recommended:


Tuition & Fees 2021

June 28 – July 16, 2021 | 3-weeks
July 19 – August 6, 2021 | 3-weeks
June 28 – August 6, 2021 | 6-weeks

Housing is available only to Bolshoi PREP participants residing with and under guardian supervision.  Rates are per person (based on guardian + dancer).   Read more about housing above.


Enrollment in the Program and Housing

Please refer to your acceptance letter for detailed instructions.  Upon receipt of an of acceptance, log into your BBASI Dashboard and click the Enrollment tab.  To reserve your space in the program, kindly be advised of the following deadlines:

2021 BBASI Tuition Registration & Payment
2021 BBASI Housing Registration & Payment 

Monday, 3/15/2021

Friday, 5/7/2021

50% Housing

Remainder of Housing Fees

Within 2 weeks of Acceptance

Friday, 4/9/2021 

50% Tuition

Remainder of Tuition Fees

  • By check or wire transfer only.  Other than payments for the initial audition and/or registration deposit of $100, credit cards are not accepted.

  • Carefully review your registration invoice for important payment information.


Subject to the Cancellation Period specified in Program's Registration Contract, RAF has a no-refund policy on payments received. (FOR SUMMER 2021 PROGRAM ENROLLMENT ONLY, THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION WILL APPLY:  If prior to its start a decision will be made by RAF that an in-person Program/Session is not feasible, a full refund option of amount paid to RAF for enrollment in the 2021 Program/Session (excluding Auditions) will be offered to Participants in good standing. For all other instances, RAF's standard no-refund policy on payments received, will apply.) There are absolutely no refunds for dismissal from the Program or for voluntary withdrawal. Withdrawal from the Program, 45 days or more prior to the beginning of the 6-week session, due to a severe injury or medical condition unrelated to a pre-existing condition and directly resulting in Participant’s inability to train, may be evaluated on a case by case basis for special consideration of credit. All special consideration requests will be addressed in September following the completion of the Program. It is Participant's responsibility to submit to RAF, in September, a written statement of the request, relevant medical documentation, and physician’s attestation that the injury or medical condition is not related to a previously existing condition.  Upon receipt of stated information, RAF will determine, in its sole discretion, whether a special consideration will be granted. Requests for session changes are not guaranteed, reviewed on a case by case basis, and are subject to RAF's Refund Policy.

Given RAF’s no-refund policy, please consider obtaining insurance to protect your Program costs.  INSURANCE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED BELOW AND ADDITIONAL OPTIONS MAY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH GENERAL INDUSTRY CHANNELS.  You are encouraged to research all available options.


Options available for BBASI U.S. Families:


Option 1 - Day & Resident Programs

A+ Program Protection (Cancel For Any Reason NOT available at this time)


Option 2 - Resident Programs Only

Activity Insurance Cancel For Any Reason (except NY Residents)

Options available for BBASI Overseas Families:

Option 1 Cancellation/Interruption & Medical/Evacuation 

There is a Covid Exclusion - No Cancel For Any Reason


Option 2Liaison Travel Plus - Medical Travel Insurance for Covid

No Cancellation/Interruption - No Cancel For Any Reason

NOTE: RAF/ BBASI is NOT affiliated with the insurance companies, nor does RAF/BBASI assume any responsibilities, liabilities or make any representations regarding their products and/or services. This information is offered to all BBASI families solely on an OPTIONAL and INFORMATIONAL basis. It is the sole responsibility of each family to obtain full information regarding the costs, terms, coverage and any/all other relevant matters. Please do not contact RAF/BBASI program staff with any questions regarding the insurance as we are not authorized to make any representations and/or give out information.