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BBASI Auditions

We welcome you to learn more about BBASI NY & CT Programs and sign up for our email list so that you can be notified when auditions will be announced.
Recognizing that we share one world and our future is interconnected, BBASI Programs are known for fostering dialogues of mutual understanding, respect, and shared values for ballet students and educators.

BBASI auditions are a great opportunity to meet Program staff. Respecting that dancers come from different training backgrounds and vary in age, each dancer is evaluated within the context of their individual abilities. Successful BBASI candidates demonstrate age-appropriate skills, musicality, commitment to achieving progress, and appreciation for a collaborative environment.  As the Academy is in session during the year, local teachers conduct the auditions. During BBASI, ballet classes are taught by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy's Teachers who travel exclusively from Moscow for the Program. 

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