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Careers with BBASI

Why join our ASE/BBASI team?

  • Contribute to impactful and valued cross-cultural people-to-people dialogue

  • Support the love of ballet among the next generation of dancers

  • Experience the role arts play in early childhood education

  • Strengthen and expand your skills in critical areas: leadership, teamwork, communication, succeeding in dynamic environments, problem-solving and more!

  • Learn from healthcare professionals in areas such as Athletic Training, Nursing, and Nutrition

Benefits of Working at ASE

  • Professional reference from an internationally respected non-profit/NGO

  • Competitive wages

  • Opportunities for year-round employment consideration

  • Friendships with peers of similar interests in Eurasian Studies, Int'l Relations, Education, and Performing Arts

Join us for a Summer ‘23 full of valuable opportunities for our Program participants and staff.  Take a look at the Open Positions shared below.
How to Apply:

If you are interested to learn more about the positions listed below, please send your cover letter and resume to:  Specify which position is of interest to you. Please note that you must be fully vaccinated for age appropriate vaccinations and COVID-19, and have legal authorization to work in the US.  International college students studying at an accredited US institution should consult with their advisor about the possibility of obtaining Curricular Practical Training (CPT) status, which is welcomed by ASE.  ASE does offer not hire staff from overseas. 

We look forward to getting to know you! Send your cover letter and resume to:

Open Positions

Program Assistant - BBASI CT

The PA will be responsible for supervising participants (ages 9 -15yrs), as well as running some extracurricular/ non-ballet activities (outdoor games, arts & crafts, etc.). PAs will work as a team of 3-4 and will report to the Program Director. This position is well-suited for candidates with strong academic or career interests in: performing arts, global languages/cultures (especially Russian), sports medicine, and/or child education.

REQUIRED: Residency on campus (single AC rooms), experience with overseeing youth. 

Russian Language Teacher - BBASI CT

The Russian Language Teacher will be responsible for introducing dancers (ages 9-15) to Russian language and culture in a fun, interactive, and engaging manner. The teacher will have about 4-5 groups/day, with each group for about 1hr class/4-5 times per week. Some participant supervision duties will be assigned also.


REQUIRED: Residency on campus (single AC rooms), experience teaching Russian as a second language at a novice level.

Interpreter - BBASI CT & NY*

The Interpreter will be responsible for interpreting during ballet classes from Russian to English language, 4-5 classes per day, Mon - Fri. Candidates should have advanced proficiency in both languages, be able to quickly switch between them and to sustain  the duration of class lasting approximately 1.5 hrs. Russian language reading & writing capacity is preferred.

REQUIRED: Advanced proficiency in English & Russian, knowledge of ballet terminology preferred. For CT - Residency on campus. 


"Working at ASE not only prepared me well for my future career, but also informed its trajectory. Being hired as a Program Assistant and exposed to Russian culture inspired me to study Russian language in college.


Later joining the leadership team as BBASI Director, I learned how to work successfully in a fast-paced environment. Currently as a consultant for the Federal Gov't, I routinely call upon the critical thinking skills I developed during my formative years at ASE."

- Graduate of Grinnell College and Columbia University

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