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Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in Connecticut fina perfrormance photo featuring two female dancers in grand jete and two male dancers jumping

BBA Summer Intensive in Connecticut

Program Dates - TBA
Please see dates and information from '23 below:
June 26 - August 4, 2023

6-week session 

Culminates in a Final Showcase**

June 26 – July 14, 2023

3-week session

Culminates in an Observation Day

July 17 – August 4, 2023

3-week session

Culminates in a Final Showcase**

Admission is by audition only. 

**Last week will have afternoon class time dedicated to rehearsals.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in Connecticut (BBASI CT) provides expert training for serious ballet students (ages 9-15) through unique instruction by leading teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. BBASI CT is a rigorous ballet training program conducted in Russian language, with the assistance of English-speaking interpreters, and is designed to offer pre-professional ballet training through class instruction and showcases. The participant's summer experience is supplemented by extracurricular activities at locations on and off campus.

The Program is designed for serious dancers and is structured to achieve individual progress in ballet training through a strong focus on clarity of technique, increased strength, and greater musicality.


The overall environment is non-competitive, with an emphasis on teamwork and building a positive, supportive, lasting community of peers. To supplement the ballet training, BBASI CT offers a full summer experience comprised of on-campus extracurricular activities and off-campus trips. Dancers from all over the world attend BBASI CT. 

CT solo finished_r1_edited.jpg

Residential and day options are available.  Participation in non-ballet activities may be limited for day students. 

At the conclusion of the Program, all participants will receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s Teachers. Dancers exhibiting exceptional talent may be recommended for year-round study at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.


BBASI CT is tailored for serious male and female dancers, ages 9-15. Participants must have prior ballet training. Training is conducted through group classes consisting of: individual participation, observation, interactive participation with other participants, and hands-on corrections and demonstrations by the Academy’s Teachers. Dancers are expected to be mature, focused on achieving individual progress in ballet, and willing to work hard to obtain progress within the context of a collaborative environment.

Ballet classes are conducted in groups and organized by the participants’ age and skill levels, as demonstrated during the audition process. The participant’s level placement may be adjusted during the first few days at the exclusive discretion of the Program. Training is conducted through individual participation, observation, interactive participation with other participants, hands-on corrections and demonstrations by the Academy’s teachers. All dancers are expected to monitor and moderate the rigor of their training within the context of instruction, which is aimed at assisting participants to achieve individual progress.

Bolshoi Ballet Academy teacher Natalya Revich correcting the position of a female dancer’s knee in attitude derrière at the barre.

A showcase will be held at the conclusion of each session, giving participants the opportunity to demonstrate the repertoire acquired during BBASI CT. While all participants will be featured, the extent of one’s participation in the performance may be based, in part, on merit, in-class participation, and artistic decisions. The schedule of the last week of each session may change in order to accommodate rehearsals. At the conclusion of the program, all participants receive an assessment of their progress from the Academy’s Teachers.

DSC_4370_R1 (1).jpg
Intermediate Level

Classical Technique  -  Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique  -  Partnering* -  Organized Warm-up**  (View sample schedule)

*Introduction to Partnering may be offered by special invitation to select participants ages 13-15 enrolled in the 6 week program. 

Beginner Level 

Classical Technique  -  Pointe/Pre-Pointe  -  Repertoire  -  Character Dance  -  Male Technique  -  Organized Warm-up**  (View sample schedule)

**Organized Warm-up is conducted by Program staff and not by the Academy’s teachers.  Participants are welcome to follow own warm-up routine if done in a non-disruptive manner.

Supplemental Activities:

In addition to ballet classes, BBASI CT offers supplemental activities which enhance the ballet training and build a collaborative and fun environment. For resident students, attendance at all supplemental activities is mandatory. For non-resident students, attendance may be limited for all non-ballet activities. Non-ballet supplemental activities typically include: Musical Theatre, Modern Dance/Jazz, Russian Language, Swimming, Outdoor Fun, Arts and Crafts, Bonfires, and off-site trips. 


There are no ballet classes on weekends. Private lessons are available for an additional cost. For residents only, one day of each weekend will be an off-site trip. Past trips have included travel to a nearby city, mall, and/or amusement park, weather permitting. 

When July 4th falls on a weekday, the regular class schedule applies.

2019 - Dozortseva.jpg

Loomis Chaffee School

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the Loomis Chaffee Campus.  

The BBASI CT Program takes place on the open campus of the Loomis Chaffee School, in the quaint town of Windsor, CT. The beautiful 300-acre private school campus includes studios, theater, athletic facilities, indoor swimming pool, dining hall, health center, and encompasses natural fields, woods, and lake areas. All students and staff are housed at the Loomis Chaffee dorms.


The school’s facilities are managed and operated by its year-round staff. Loomis operates its own academic youth program and short term camps during the summer. Please note that BBASI CT cannot ensure an allergen-free environment at the Program’s facilities.

The Loomis Chaffee School is conveniently accessible from CT / MA / NY Airports and by Amtrak.

Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive male participant posing in first arabesque in a courtyard at the Loomis Chaffee School.

All Participants attending the Program are expected to be mature, focused, and able to behave responsibly at all times. To support the experience for all participants, BBASI Program staff, including the Program Directors, Senior Staff, Program Assistants, lifeguards, nursing staff, and athletic trainers work on site. Program Directors, Senior Staff, Program Assistants, and Teachers reside on campus. Volunteer parent chaperons are additionally used for off-site trips. In accordance with the CT Department of Early Childhood, the Program is overseen by an off-site licensed medical director.

Participants ages 12-15 are allowed to navigate the campus on their own, in groups of three. All younger participants are required to remain with their assigned group at all times.  For the safety of all participants, BBASI CT has a no-visitor policy (excepting the official Visiting Day), and participants are not permitted to leave campus for any reason.

Room and Board at Loomis
For a view of the dorms, click here. (Dorms/rooms may differ)

The dormitories have double bedrooms (with a limited number of singles), shared bathrooms, common area, laundry facilities, and swiped card access. Female dorms are fully air-conditioned. A limited number of non A/C rooms may be available in the male dorm area. The rooms are typically furnished with a dresser and wardrobe for each resident, and a shared desk. The Program staff resides in the dorms with Participants. Program’s supplemental activities take place on campus, with the exception of off-site weekend trips. Showcases take place on campus.  Dining facilities serve daily meals and snacks.

BBASI CT is a co-ed Program. Male and female participants may be housed on separate floors within same dorms. Common areas are designated for group activities for all.


Suggested Information for Navigating Windsor, CT
Loomis Chaffee is conveniently accessible from the following airports/train stations:


  • 9 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights​​



  • Located approximately 120 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights


  • Located approximately 104 miles from Loomis

  • Direct national and international flights



  • Walking distance from Loomis

  • Amtrak train service to/from many cities

An aerial shot of the Loomis Chaffee School in autumn.

2023 Tuition & Fees

Program Length
Enrollment Fee
Additional Fees (If Applicable)
June 26 – July 14, 2023
3 Weeks
$ 2,675
Health Protocols TBD
July 17 – August 4, 2023
3 Weeks
$ 2,675
Health Protocols TBD
June 26 – August 4, 2023
6 Weeks
$ 5,075
Health Protocols TBD

2023 Room & Board

Program Length
Room & Board with A/C
Non-A/C Room & Board*
Additional Fees (Mandatory)
Off-site trips: $80
Off-site trips: $160

Room & Board includes; Housing, 3 meals daily and snacks, activity & trip fees. Female dancers will reside in A/C dorms. *A limited number of non A/C rooms may be available in dorm for male dancers. Rooms are double occupancy, with a limited number of singles subject to availability.  Read more about room and board options above.

Enrollment in the Program and Room & Board

Please refer to your acceptance letter for detailed instructions.  Upon receipt of an of acceptance, log into your BBASI Dashboard and click the Enrollment tab.  To reserve your space in the program, kindly be advised of the following deadlines:

2023 Tuition Registration & Payment
2023 Room & Board Registration & Payment 

Friday, 3/17/23

Friday, 5/5/23

50% Room & Board

Remainder of Room & Board Balance

Within 2 weeks of Acceptance

Friday, 4/14/23

50% Tuition

Remainder of Tuition Balance

ct group finished_edited.jpg
  • By check or wire transfer only.  Other than payments for the initial audition and/or registration deposit of $100, credit cards are not accepted.

  • Carefully review your registration invoice for important payment information.



Subject to the Cancellation Period specified in Program's Registration Contract, ASE has a no-refund policy on payments received. (For Summer 2023 the following will apply: In recognition of the geopolitical environment, ASE hereby represents that it has obtained necessary support for Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teachers’ travel from Russia to take part in the Program. If prior to Program’s start Russia specific events will cause ASE Vice President to decide that an in-person Program/Session is not feasible, a full refund of amount paid to ASE for 2023 Program/Session enrollment (excluding Auditions) will be offered to Participants in good standing*. For all other instances, ASE's standard no-refund policy on payments received will apply.) There are absolutely no refunds for dismissal from the Program or for voluntary withdrawal. Withdrawal from the Program, 45 days or more prior to the beginning of the 6 week session, due to a severe injury or medical condition unrelated to a pre-existing condition and directly resulting in Participant’s inability to train, may be evaluated on a case by case basis for special consideration of a credit. All special consideration requests will be reviewed in September following the completion of the Program. It is Participant's responsibility to submit to ASE, in September, written statement of the request, relevant medical documentation, and physician’s attestation that the injury or medical condition is not related to a previously existing condition. Upon receipt of stated information, ASE will determine, in its sole discretion, whether any special consideration will be granted. Requests for session changes are not guaranteed, reviewed on a case by case basis, and are subject to ASE's Refund Policy.

Given ASE’s no-refund policy please consider insurance as an option to protect your enrollment costs. Limited information is provided below. All are encouraged to consider other general industry and/or home country channels.


Insurance Suggestions

Options for U.S. Families:

APlus Plans, SquareMouth


Options for International Families:
At this time Program is able to recommend only health insurance options. For cancellation insurance, home country options should be considered.

IMG GlobalSeven Corners

NOTE: ASE/ BBASI is NOT affiliated with the insurance companies, nor does ASE/BBASI assume any responsibilities, liabilities or make any representations regarding their products and/or services. This information is offered to all BBASI families solely on an OPTIONAL and INFORMATIONAL basis. It is the sole responsibility of each family to obtain full information regarding the costs, terms, coverage and any/all other relevant matters. Please do not contact ASE/BBASI program staff with any questions regarding the insurance as we are not authorized to make any representations and/or give out information.

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