2018 BBASI Auditions Coming Soon

2018 BBASI Auditions Coming Soon

BBASI 2018 Audition Dates Coming Soon!

BBASI auditions are a great opportunity for dancers and families to meet Program staff *, learn about the different programs, and ask questions.  The auditions are similar to the BBASI Program in that they tend to be challenging, but are non-competitive in their environment.  Dancers should treat the audition as a class and try their individual best.  BBASI staff respects that dancers come from different training backgrounds, are on different levels, and are of varying ages.  Each dancer is evaluated within the context of his/her individual abilities, and with the goal of ensuring that they can obtain progress through the program.  Successful BBASI candidates demonstrate: age appropriate skill and coordination, musicality, commitment to achieving progress through hard work and dedication, and appreciation for a collaborative and non-competitive environment.
* While during BBASI all Program classes are taught by Bolshoi Ballet Academy's Teachers, please note that as the Academy is in session during the Auditions Period, local teachers are used for the Auditions.

Expected 2018 Audition cities include:

New York, NY

Tampa, FL

Seattle, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Boston, MA

Pittsburgh, PA

Middlebury, CT

Washington, DC

San Francisco, CA

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA

Winston-Salem, NC

Toronto, ON

Atlanta, GA

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

PLEASE BE GUIDED BY YOUR AGE AT THE START OF THE PROGRAM TO SELECT THE APPROPRIATE AGE GROUP FOR YOUR AUDITION. Online pre-registration audition fee is $35/ on-site audition fee** is $40 (cash or check only).
Please follow the steps below to registering for an audition:
  1.  You must first create a profile on CampSite for your family.
  2.  After you have created a profile, click on the "enrollment" tab on your BBASI Dashboard to enroll your dancer in an audition.
  3.  You have not successfully enrolled until you have been prompted to choose a date/location/time and pay the $35 fee.
  4.  Upload your headshot and first arabesque photos to CampSite following the instructions in the corresponding enrollment forms located in the Forms tab of Campsite. You do NOT need to bring hard copies with you to the audition.
For details on when to arrive and what to bring/wear to your audition, see here.

**To respect all those who register early, please keep in mind that RAF reserves the right to cancel/limit on-site registration at any audition. As such, pre-registration is strongly recommended.


VIDEO Auditions

Click on this link for more information on how to register and submit your video audition (a .pdf file should open in a new tab).


Whether you are auditioning LIVE or sending your VIDEO audition to us, please allow for up to 2 weeks to get notified of your audition result. All VIDEO audition submissions will be confirmed with the sender upon receipt. Your audition result with be emailed to all email addresses provided in the BBASI Dashboard.