Teacher Certification Program NYC

Teacher Certification Program NYC



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Founded more than 240 years ago, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy (BBA/Academy) has a rich history of training many of the world’s greatest ballet dancers, choreographers, educators, and scholars. Its curriculum is respected internationally for a focus on musicality, strength, and pureness of classical technique. Though the Vaganova method is the foundation for the Bolshoi curriculum, the Academy has built upon and expanded from it, in its strive for perfection and greater attention to individual progress. Academy’s alumni include some of the most accomplished dancers of the 20th century, including Maya Plisetskaya, Vladimir Vasiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, to the stars of the current generation, including Vladimir Malakhov, Natalia Osipova, Alexei Ratmansky, Polina Semionova, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Maria Kochetkova and many others. Today, the Academy and its graduates continue to earn the highest honors and acclaims in the international dance world.

DenisAs demonstrated by RAF’s highly successful BBA Summer Intensives in New York City and Connecticut, there is great demand among students for continued training in the Bolshoi curriculum. RAF is excited to partner with the Academy in offering this program to the professional ballet community. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to engage in a unique and authentic training program conducted by teachers from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow. Upon its completion, educators and other members of the professional ballet community will be able to apply their new in-depth knowledge and training in the BBA Curriculum to their daily work with their own students. At the end of a successful completion of the program, Participants will receive an official Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teaching Certificate for the appropriate program level.*

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Program Includes

–   Classes conducted by leading faculty from Moscow’s Bolshoi  Ballet Academy

–   Lectures on the age-appropriate curriculum and carefully compiled supporting teaching materials

–   Interactive practical classes with Academy’s faculty and students

–  Exclusive video screenings from the Academy’s archives of classes, exams, and teaching methods

–   Individual feedback from the Academy’s pedagogues

–   A final examination and official certificate


For questions, please contact Annie Sundelson at asundelson@russianamericanfoundation.org

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher Certification Program is a partnership between the New York-based Russian American Foundation (“RAF”) and Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet Academy (“Academy”). BBASI is operated in the United States by RAF, based on the ballet curriculum designed by the Academy, and taught by its ballet teachers. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the RAF has no affiliation or responsibility for other programs operated or sponsored by the Academy in Russia or other parts of the world.

*Please be advised that the completion of the Program in no way establishes recognition of a Participant as a Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher, nor are any results guaranteed such as future employment or any other benefit as a result of completing the Program. Upon successful completion of the Program, a participant will be entitled to state that he/she has completed the official Bolshoi Ballet Academy Teacher Certification Program.


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Building on the Academy’s respected curriculum, the Teacher Certification Program provides instruction in systematic, methodic, and holistic methods for classical dance instruction. Training will include workshops, lectures, master classes, and independent tutorials. The program’s theme, ‘Methods of Teaching Classical Dance’, is designed to combine the theoretical and practical work of generations of Academy instructors. This program is conducted in Russian language with assistance of English speaking translators. Program faculty and their bios can be found on the Program Faculty page. The breakdown in topics according to level is as follows:***

LEVEL A: 1st , 2nd , & 3rd year of study (junior level): Lays a professional foundation, imparts basic skills of coordination, begins work on the artistic, expressive, and musical performance in accordance with the age of students to expose the students’ artistic personality.


LEVEL B: 4th & 5th year of study (intermediate level): Develops more complex methods in executing movements and combinations. Furthers the development of musicality, expression, and the artistic personality.


LEVEL C: 6th, 7th, & 8th year of study (advanced level): Develops and subsequently tests the program material. Covers virtuoso techniques, as well as the expansion and formation of individual students’ progress and talents. NEW: Includes Introduction to Partnering.


Final Examination: 

The course exam is designed as a review of the materials learned. Participants are expected to apply their acquired knowledge by preparing several combinations and demonstrating them to the class. The assignments will vary depending on the participant’s certification level.
*Program details are subject to change




Marymount Manhattan College*
221 E 71st St
New York, NY 10021

For a map of the location, please click here.

Suggested Links for Navigating NYC

As BBASI’s participant body represents all US states and numerous countries from around the world, in preparation for your time in NYC, and in addition to your own resources, we recommend taking the time to review the following useful tips and suggestions. While New York has been consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the world, a working knowledge of daily city life and familiarity with the culture and traditions of NYC will enable your participant to maximize their time in this great city in a safe and successful manner.

Forbes – In Depth: American’s Safest Cities
NYC.gov – Tips for Visitors to NYC
NYC Parks – Parks and Safety in NYC
NYC Parks – Water and Sun Safety in NYC
Fodors.com – NYC Travel Tips
Forbes – Bedbugs: What to Do

*As RAF does not own or operate its facilities, location may change as a result of circumstances beyond RAF’s control.



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Required Experience LEVEL A: Candidates must have achieved a professional level of ballet training and must be 18 years or older. While teaching experience is not mandatory, course curriculum assumes prior familiarity with the Vaganova technique.

Required Experience LEVEL B: Candidates must have successfully completed the Level A curriculum. In special circumstances, candidates with comparable training who have not completed Level A may petition to be admitted to Level B.

Required Experience LEVEL C: Candidates must have successfully completed the Level A and Level B curriculum.

*Program instruction is conducted in Russian language with interpretation to English. All candidates must have a working knowledge of English sufficient for comprehension and communication.

REGISTRATION: Click here to be notified when the 2019 application opens

  1. For new applicants:
    • To enroll in the application process for 2018 Program, click here.
    • Complete the New Family enrollment to create an account on RAF’s CampSite Portal.  Please complete both the “Parent” and “Participant” fields with your personal information.
    • Proceed to the enrollment options page.
    • Please note, you do NOT need to audition to enroll in the application process, nor enter an enrollment passcode.
    • To enroll, choose the Teacher Certification Application option below, click Add this enrollment option, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Save and Continue to proceed with registration.
    • In order to complete enrollment into the application process, you will be required to answer several application questions and electronically pay a $25 application fee by Visa or Mastercard.
    • You will receive an email to confirm that you are now enrolled in the application process.
    • Please note that this does not constitute completion of the application process, nor acceptance into the Program.
    • Further application instructions will be sent by email once you have completed the enrollment process.
  2. For returning participants:
    • To enroll in the Program as a returning participant, click here.
    • To access your account, use instructions included in your Returning Participant letter sent by email.
    • Enrollment passcode is required in order to proceed with BBA 2019 Teacher Certification Program Registration. Please refer to your Returning Participant letter for your enrollment passcode. 
    • To enroll, enter your passcode in the box supplied and click submit.  This will unlock enrollment option BBA Teacher Certification. Click Add this enrollment option. Once you have selected your session, click Save and Continue at the very bottom of the page to proceed with registration.
    • In order to complete enrollment, you will be required to pay $100 tuition deposit by Visa or Mastercard.

2019 PROGRAM TUITION: $1,950.00

  • Includes registration, participation in all classes, exams, and materials.
  • Limited housing is offered as an additional option and at an additional cost, but space is not guaranteed. (See below).

Tuition Payment Schedule:

  • $100 tuition deposit must be paid by Visa or Mastercard upon enrollment in the program (see instructions above).
  • 50% initial deposit within two weeks of registration into the program
  • Final payment (50%) by May 24th, 2019

With the exception of the initial $100 deposit, tuition payments must be made by check (made out to “Russian American Foundation”) or by wire transfer. Russian American Foundation has a no-refund policy on payments received.

Housing Option:

MARYMOUNT MANHATTAN COLLEGE/55th Street Residence is a housing option for participants of the Teacher Certification Program. This modern facility is located in Midtown East at 231 East 55th Street, a short subway ride to the BBA studios. The residence is suite-style, with each suite consisting of 2 bedrooms (doubles or quads in each), bathroom (number depending on size of the suite), kitchen, and a living room space. Rooms are furnished with twin beds, dressers, desks and wardrobes. Kitchen/living area has table and chairs, full size refrigerator, electric stove and microwave. Bedding, kitchen supplies and toiletries are NOT provided. Amenities include common lounges on multiple floors and a laundry room (other building amenities will not be applicable for BBA TCP participants). The building has a 24-hour security check point with ID card swipe entry. The Residence is within a few blocks of shopping, restaurants, supermarkets and subway stations. Availability is limited and is on a first-come, first-served basis. All questions should be directed to BBA TCP Staff – please DO NOT contact the Residence Hall directly.

Cost of housing for the duration of the program (8/3/19 – 8/11/19): TBA


TBA  50% Housing
TBA Remainder of Housing Fees


RAF has a no-refund policy on payments received. There are absolutely no refunds for dismissal from the Program or for voluntary withdrawal. Withdrawal from the Program due to a severe injury or medical condition, unrelated to a pre-existing condition and directly resulting in Participant’s inability to train, 30 days or more prior to the beginning of the 6 week session, may be given special consideration on a case by case basis. All special consideration requests will be addressed in September following the completion of the Program and upon submission to RAF, in September, of full written documentation of the reason for the request, medical documentation of the severe injury or medical condition, and physician’s attestation that the request is not related to a previously existing condition.  Upon receipt of stated information, RAF will determine, in its sole discretion, whether a special consideration will be granted. Requests for session changes are not guaranteed, reviewed on a case by case basis, and are subject to RAF’s Refund Policy.

Given RAF’s no-refund policy, please consider obtaining insurance to protect your Program costs.  INSURANCE INFORMATION IS PROVIDED BELOW AND ADDITIONAL OPTIONS MAY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH GENERAL INDUSTRY CHANNELS.  You are encouraged to research all available options

A+ PLANS INSURANCE (U.S. Participants)
For complete details of the plan/ benefits and more information for the A+ PLANS INSURANCE  please click here or call a toll free Customer Service number 1 888 420 5378.

For complete details of the plan/ benefits and more information for the ABROAD INSURANCE (NON U.S. Participants) please click here.

Please use the following codes to identify the BBASI program:
– Organization Name: Bolshoi Ballet Academy Programs
– Organization ID#: bols11

NOTE: RAF/ BBASI is NOT affiliated with the insurance companies listed above, nor does RAF/BBASI assume any responsibilities, liabilities or make any representations regarding their products and/or services. This information is offered to all BBASI families solely on an OPTIONAL basis and it is the sole responsibility of each family to obtain full information regarding the costs, terms, coverage and any/all other relevant matters. Please do not contact RAF/BBASI program staff with any questions regarding the insurance as we are not authorized to make any representations and/or give out information.

*Program details are subject to change



Participant Testimonials

“This was my first experience with the Bolshoi teachers program and it far exceeded my expectations. They are highly knowledgeable and their passion for what they do is contagious. There is a lot of material covered over the course of the week. Through the extremely informative classes and the hands on time in the studio, I left feeling I had a much better understanding of how to craft a well thought out, purposeful class that will both challenge and inspire my students. Through this program, I gained a deeper sense of the necessity of establishing a proper foundation for the students and the baseline it provides teachers to build upon. I am already looking forward to returning next year.” –Dawn Kelly, Academy Assistant Principal, Cincinnati Ballet

One of the best aspects of this program is that it is taught by the faculty of the actual Bolshoi Ballet Academy – first hand knowledge from the source! We learned to re-examine what, how and why we are teaching each step in ballet. Thank you BBATC for an experience of a lifetime.” – Susan Pavlik-Potts, Director of Ballet, The Dance Company, Madison, AL

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It was an honor to take classes from teachers that were so knowledgeable and so passionate about their work. I left this certification program very inspired and motivated to continue improving my craft, especially my teaching.” – Jessica Zamarripa, Founder/Artistic Director, Laredo School of Contemporary Dance, Laredo, TX

“Coming from a Latin American Country, where we so much need more and better prepared teachers, and as Director and Teacher myself for 20 years who loves the Russian tradition and the Vaganova Method, this program has been an amazing opportunity to receive from first hand experts the best and most reliable tools to improve my teaching techniques.  I would absolutely recommend this program to the serious ballet teacher.” – Mónica Pacheco, Founder and Artistic Director/ Ballarte Escuela de Ballet, Bogotá, Colombia

“It was a great honor and privilege having had the opportunity for the second time to complete the Teacher certification Program (Level B). I’ve been teaching Vaganova method myself for many years. But never had the chance to approach Bolshoi Ballet Academy teachers in person. Every question was answered, every doubt clarified.  Ms Natalya Revich and Ms Yevgeniya Michkova generosity made us feel at home and taught us every detail of this teaching method. I’ll be looking forward to repeating this wonderful experience next year.” – Néstor Asaff, Colon Theatre Ballet Teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Having attended the Bolshoi summer intensive course program for teachers, I felt that it is important for me to share with everyone the wonderful experience of being a student in this particular program. I felt cradled in the methodology of ballet, with very detailed syllabus and with very kind and experienced professors. This program specified each year’s whole elements and enabled to practice its execution and composition. I found my confidence has improved as a teacher with better knowledge and vocabulary. Thank you Russian American Foundation and Bolshoi Ballet Academy for sharing with us this great knowledge.” – Eyal Nahum, Artistic Director, Jerusalem Dance Theatre in Jerusalem, Israel.


Dean of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

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