1. When will I find out the results of my audition?

-All dancers who audition will receive an email notification of their audition results within 14 days of their audition date.

2. How will my results be sent to me?

-Every dancer who auditions will receive an email containing his/her results. Please provide a valid email address which you check regularly on your registration form.

3. Are there any need-based scholarships available for dancers who have been accepted into the Summer Intensive?

-Yes, there is a limited amount of financial support available for students. Please refer to the Scholarships page for more details. If you would like to be considered for a need-based scholarship, please send in your Tax Return Forms from the last two years to the attention of the Program Director and include a letter stating the amount of support you are seeking. There is no formal application for need-based scholarships, just the materials mentioned in this paragraph.

4. Will I be able to choose which session to attend?

-Yes. Students can select either the 6-week session, or either of the two 3-week sessions as described on the Registration page.

5. Will I be able to choose where I live in New York and be able to select roommates in New York and at the Westover School?

-Yes. Registered dancers will receive a Program Manual closer to summer time and will be able to select roommate preferences.

6. If I cannot come to the audition date I have registered for due to an illness or other extenuating circumstances, can I come to another location or submit a VIDEO audition?

-Yes, students who are unable to attend should email the Program Director and specify if they would like to transfer the registration to a different live audition location or submit their VIDEO audition instead.

7. How are placement levels determined for the accepted dancers?

-The Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow strongly believes in age appropriate training. In keeping with those beliefs, dancers are placed in levels appropriate for their age while taking their current training levels into consideration. Please be advised, all Bolshoi Master Teachers reserve the right to adjust the levels as they see fit within the first 3 days of the program.

8. I am an advanced level dancer but I am younger than 15 years old. Can I be considered for the New York City program?

-Please understand that in keeping with the Academy’s strong belief in age appropriate training, dancers who will not be 15 years of age during the Summer Intensive cannot be considered for the New York City program.

9. Is there an option for private instruction with the Master Teachers during the Summer Intensive?

-Yes, dancers will be able to request private instruction with the Master Teachers during the Summer Intensive. More information regarding this will be available in the Program Manual which will be sent out closer to the summer time.

10. Can I commute to the NYC or the CT program or do I have to live in the housing?

-Both the New York City and Connecticut programs allow for dancers to commute to the Summer Intensive. You do not have to sign up for housing if you have other accommodations.

11. Can I be considered for a merit-based scholarship after I audition?

-Please be advised that all of our merit-based scholarships are awarded either through the YAGP competition or a small amount of partial merit-based scholarships are awarded at the time of notification. Dancers can only apply for need-based scholarships after they have already auditioned and received their Acceptance Letter. Please see question #3.

12. Can I receive an explanation for the audition results once I receive a notification?

-Please understand that our process is confidential and we cannot disclose the reasons regarding the audition decisions. We consider each dancer individually with the vision of how much benefit they can receive from the Bolshoi pedagogy within the limited levels offered in NYC and CT.

13. How many students are there in each class?

-Our class size changes with enrollment every year, however, we cap our classes at 30 students.

14. Are there Russian language classes available to the participants in New York?

-Free Russian language classes are available to all students enrolled in the BBASI program.

15. How do I get from the airport to the NYC location or the Westover School?

-RAF does not provide transfers from the airport to the program locations. Participants are responsible for their own transportation arrangements. We will provide recommendations on different means of transportation in the Program Manual which will be sent out closer to the summer time.

16. Are there medical and other forms I need to fill out?

-All necessary program forms and details about program location, amenities, and other specifics will be included in the Program Manual which will be sent out closer to summer.

17. What is the difference between Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in CT (BBASI CT) and Bolshoi Prep in NYC ?

There are no differences in the ballet curriculum between the two programs.  Both programs are taught by Bolshoi Ballet Academy Master Teachers and the curriculum is designed by the Dean of the Academy, Ms. Leonova.

Having said that, as the BBASI CT Program offers a residential option, it attracts dancers from all over the country and the world.  Also, as there is a very large percentage of returning students, the available openings in that program are much more limited.  Additionally, as many participants in the BBASI CT program are returning students and have already been exposed to BBASI’s rigorous training, the pace may be somewhat more intensive.

Bolshoi Prep was specifically created to give the tri-state ballet families, many of whom do not have the option of attending the program in CT, an option of training with the Academy’s teachers.  The Program is also a suitable entry point for students who are strong and serious dancers but who have not been substantially exposed to Bolshoi’s rigorous training or Vaganova technique.

The main difference between the two programs is in the non-core extracurricular options.  BBASI CT is structured as a comprehensive cultural and summer experience.  Unfortunately, due to the limited facilities in NYC, Bolshoi Prep is structured as strictly a day program which only offers ballet classes.


All Summer Intensive students will continue to have the unique opportunity to audition for enrollment in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.